5 signs the person opposite you is reading erotica

Avoiding all eye contact

Nicci Haydon

E-readers are pretty controversial, and I’ve had my share of heated discussions. Have they improved the pool of available reading material or just watered down the good stuff? Have they led to an increase in literacy or a decline in literature?

Personally I love them. The anonymity of an e-reader means that people who would have been too shy to read graphic sex scenes in the past can do so with impunity. Proportionally speaking, more people are reading erotica e-books than any other genre (*boring statistics*). But is it really anonymous, or is it possible to tell when someone’s reading about sex?

Well, probably it’s impossible to tell, but hey I still try to work it out. Maybe you’d like to play along? If so, here are 5 rather tongue in cheek signs that I like to watch out for:

  1. Uncomfortable leg shift
    You know the one. The…

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