Author Spotlight: Charlotte E. Hart

Charlotte E. Hart on Author Spotlight by Lilah E. Noir

Lilah E. Noir

My guest at Author Spotlight today is the fabulous Ms. Charlotte E. Hart, an author of delicious kinky suspense, gin lover, traveler and connoisseur of the fine things in life, such as well-rounded sadists. She is an author of the White trilogy, a character-driven story, and definitely not the traditional billionaire erotic romance with a bit of BDSM. At the end of April, she released The Parlour, the beginning of her next series revolving around Pascal Van Der Braack and Alexander White. Who are they, you ask? Let the author herself tell you. Without further ado, Charlotte E. Hart.

fGA46q5-Lilah: You were responsible for many cases of racing pulses and soaked panties when you brought Mr. White from the White Trilogy into the contemporary erotic scene. Now you’re back with another new epic work told from another well-loved characters POV, Mr Van Der Braack. How does the VDB series compare to…

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