Author Spotlight: Shelby Kent-Stewart

Great interview by Lilah E. Noir of my favorite author and friend, Shelby Kent-Stewart 🙂

Lilah E. Noir

Today in the Author Spotlight I have a very special lady as a guest. I’m thrilled to introduce to you Ms. Shelby Kent-Stewart, political speech writer, sex-positive feminist, animals right advocate and so much more. Shelby also writes smart and sexy erotic romance with a dynamic plot, crisp dialogue, and fabulous characters.

2016 - 1Lilah: Welcome to our spotlight, Shelby. You warn the Internet passer-by on your Twitter page not to ask about your transition from political speech writing to erotic romance. Still, it is a way too fascinating question to be passed by. What attracted you to that genre that many think of as “cheap housewife porn”? When and how did you start writing erotic romance?

Shelby: First of all, thanks so much for the invitation, Lilah. As you know, I’m a great admirer of yours and honored you thought of me for your spotlight. Now to these delicious questions…

Notwithstanding that I…

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