Fifty Grey Shades


Fifty Grey Shades

This story is a product of prodding from Julia, my wife and inspiration. Her insistence that “sex sells” has led me to do a market research into the currently highest-trending mass-market erotica (dreadful stuff, which left me feeling dirty).

I give you now the result, my own take on this popular trope with a uniquely Egretian bent.

The young woman sitting in front of me was scowling in apparent frustration. Rather plain-looking, her hair was unkempt as if she went to sleep with it wet. She introduced herself as Antistia Chalybeia, daughter of Sextus Antistius Chalybeius. She was here to ‘interview’ me as she said, for a prospective job. I gave her the contract with my standard terms, and she proceeded to go over them with the most pernickety fastidiousness. She kept biting her lip as she read.

“What about this?” she pointed at a paragraph.

“What about it?” I…

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